Life of the rich and famous

Its not all it is made up to be sometimes. Not many get to live the life of the rich and famous. The musicians that made it and then made millions. Partying whenever they want, being driven around in fancy cars everywhere like the bride on her wedding day. Being fed with expensive food and drink, hot babes, loud music, sex, drugs, rock and roll blah blah bla.

Not everyone has this luxury (a luxury if you want to call it that, im sure some would hate it). Many musicians struggle for years trying to make the big time with many of them never doing so, most never even getting a taste of what it is like.

Fyder and Everhart go themselves a taste though. Not a taste of the rich and famous but a taste of a musicians life which they shared together. Producing albums, songs, shredding their instruments and playing for many different people.

For some, just like Fyder and Everhart, not all want it to be that way and are happy just sitting along playing some mellow tunes with their buddies. Sometimes this is the most organic and better way for musical magic to form.

Life of a Musician

Whats a musicians life like?

Well a musicians life is not your average lifestyle from working day jobs to transitioning into full-time music playing and everything else that you have to deal with in between. Life as a musician is a lot more than just playing a few notes here and there.

The best way to succeed in this industry is to learn from those who have come before you and get tips from them to find out they put it all together and endured the challenges they have faced in making a success. So many questions need to be asked and answered. How many ways to make money with music talents with a lot of them both pros and cons?

You need to learn to adapt to environments, to situations and times of the year. You need to make sure that you may face conflict in your band. What the basic strategies you should be using order to be a success. How responsible they need to be for themselves and their production in order to make music and money. How do you deal with stage fright.

To know what to take next in your musical career, deciding whether or not you need a manager, how many people in your band, how you are going to make money, do you press vinyl or do you stay online, how do you manage your band, what happens when the band breaks up, how do you get ahead, what sort of photos should we take? There are many dos and donts problems and solutions and experiences as a musician. It is about cultivating it into one to make things work.

Fyder and Everhart

So who are these musicians well formed in 1989 these singer-songwriters Fyder and Everhart perform a kind of acoustic folk music that is both fun and soft. From Minnesota they write songs that feature the natural world in various topics of family that range from folk to country to rock and many more genres.

With an arrangement of instruments from guitars to harmonicas and with them combining upbeat tunes with contemplative and touching ballads there music is suitable for all ages. They produce exotic, exciting and eccentric music that is real easy listening.