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The pair Fyder and Everhart, contained artist lyricists Glen Everhart and Ted Fyder. Performed together full time from 1989 to 1998, made an uncommon sort of contemporary acoustic society music that was as endearing as it was enjoyable. These local Minnesotans composed (and Glen keeps on writing) melodies that component the characteristic world and family themes, in styles running from people to a nation, to shake. Their unique material joins playful, beat guitar based tunes with scrutinizing and touching melodies, and they can cover the most recent 50 years of American contemporary music.

Their first recording, Northern Minnesota, is no longer in production and the CD Uncle Dons Guitar, is accessible according to popular demand just. In 1994, they discharged Moments of Truth, trailed by a tape of kids music titled I’ve got The HeBeJeBes, which is currently accessible on CD. This is their most firms and all around recorded undertaking to date and contains a large portion of the material that has gotten them airplay on radio and TV slots all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.