How to Take Care of Yourself While Touring

It’s easy to get carried away when you tour. The lights, sound, people, and hype. It takes you away and makes you forget about all your worries – including your health. Which, I hate to reiterate it but, is not really good for you.

See, I can’t count how many friends or colleagues I have lost due to failing health. A lot of them were good musicians who could’ve played a bit more if they kept themselves healthy. Still, I am no saint and I admit I have had my share of bad practices in the past. That’s why I wrote this piece for those musicians who are just starting their career and don’t want to end it anytime soon due to health problems.

I have compiled a number of tips on how you can stay healthy or at least not give your body any problems. Here’s the list.

  1. Don’t forget to eat – This is one thing that I can’t stress as much. Because of the demanding nature of a gig, a lot of musicians forget to eat. If they do, they don’t enough. For regular viewers, you might just see a couple of people playing with instruments but they are actually using up a lot of energy to keep up with the music. Eat up.
  2. Keep hydrated – You sweat when you play. The general idea is to always have a bottle or two of water close when you play. If you are in a fairly hot area, it’s a good idea to drink more than usual. You can also go for those energy drinks but water is the best out there.
  3. Keep alcohol consumption minimal – It’s OK to drink a couple of beers during a gig but filling up your liver to the brim every night is not good if you want to survive a long life. Just make sure you drink enough to make you happy but not too much that you forget what happened last night.
  4. Stay safe – Tours offer a lot of temptations in various forms. Make sure you keep safe at all times. Be smart. You can check out a North perth Physio if you feel like something is wrong.