Time Saving Catering Equipment for Wedding and Event Caterers

The wedding and event industry is a very demanding one. Time is such a huge factor because everything takes place on one day. For caterers, this means that the food needs to be prepared for hundreds of people and served on the same day. Time is of the essence. Therefore, a caterer requires all of the best time saving catering equipment at their disposal.

  • Robot Coupe Food Processor

A Food Processor can be a caterer’s best friend; especially the Robot Coupe Combo Food Processor. This unit slices vegetables as well as grates and juliennes them. It is a great time saver because you don’t have to slice and grate the vegetables yourself. The Food Processor does it for you quickly, efficiently, and consistently.


  • Anvil Potato Peeler

This is not the little hand sized potato peeler that you’re thinking of. This is the big 12-kilogram Anvil Potato Peeler. This catering equipment will make your life so much easier. No more peeling potatoes by hand. Just throw the potatoes into this machine, switch it on and let it peel hundreds of potatoes for you. It will peel 12 kilograms of potatoes within 2 minutes. You will save so much time that you can use on other catering tasks.


  • Hamilton Beach Food Blender

If your menu includes soups and sauces, then the Hamilton Beach Food Blender will be perfect for you. It lets you puree soups, emulsify dressings, grind flour, and chop salsa. This machine has a patented design that keeps the ingredients circulating through the blades until the contents are completely emulsified.


  • Cake Mixer

As a caterer you most likely have desserts such as cakes on your menu. A 20 Litre Cake Mixer is ideal for making large batches of cake batter for cake, cupcakes, or muffins. It takes the hard work of mixing the batter out of your hands. You can then concentrate on the next step of the baking process, thus saving you time.


  • DIHR Dishwasher

After the meal service is catered for, the dishes need to be cleaned. A DIHR Dishwasher comes in very handy because you don’t have to stand around doing the dishes after a long day of food preparation and serving.

Time saving catering equipment is essential for a wedding and event caterer because you have very little time within to deliver your meals. Take the time to prepare and invest in the correct catering equipment so that your catering business can grow and prosper. It will be worth it.

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Repetitive Strain Injury in Musicians

Regretfully musicians have an increased likelihood of developing recurring strain injury. Many factors contribute to this including less than ergonomic tool design, high stress levels when performing and unremitting lengthy practice sessions. My own first piece of advice to any musician who thinks they’ve developed repeating strain injury is no longer panic! Whilst this imposition can be physically very painful and mentally bashing, it is an indication from your body change is required. With the right energy and determination the process of restoration can be a time of positive reflection and will only in order to benefit you in the long run.


There are plenty of more problems triggering recurring strain injury in artists than a short article can cover so We are going to give attention to one in particular which There is prevalent. This is tension in the neck of the guitar and shoulders. When wish worried about performing, frightened of making mistakes or higher worked and exhausted this often manifests bodily as tightness in the shoulders. Over time this puts pressure on the nerves and tendons working down your arms and into your hands. Pertaining to many musicians with recurring strain injury, simply eliminating this tension can go along way to reducing the symptoms. The first step to obtaining this is to sit and relax. Focus on getting the tension in your shoulders and then permitting it go as you breathe out. Just as you do this, say in your head “my shoulders are relaxed”. Following practicing this for a few weeks everyday, you can commence to try and maintain the leisure as you practice. There are a lot of websites out there that can provide you with the information you need. That sounds simple, but you will find a great deal of concentration is required to really give attention to letting go of the tension. This procedure alone can be very therapeutic.


You’ll likely find the tension comes back shortly after you’ve began practicing otherwise you attention is diverted returning to playing. No longer worry. Stop, do the relaxation without your device, and then return to it. It will take time and patience, but after a while you will commence to feel more relaxed whilst participating in and commence to lessen your risk of repetitive pressure injury. Naturally when participating in for extended periods you will probably find the tension commences to come back. To not get worried, as long as you learn to recognise this and act appropriately, you will be able to look after your body.


As previously mentioned, recurring strain injury in artists is provoked by a number of factors. Below is info a quick introduction and it will be highly recommended to see a quantity of doctors to gain many points of view. Regardless, it is important to remain as positive and calm as it can be in order to achieve restoration.

Wedding & its planning – How to choose the wedding photographers.


After setting the date, selecting the venue, picking out the best dress; the next main choice is to select the photographer that will capture the most crucial day in your life.

  1. When should I get my wedding photographer? Try to get your wedding photographer a minimum of six months before your wedding date.
  2. What type of photography are you searching for? Concentrate on everything you love, in the end, these memories is going to be along with you forever. If you are searching for any more documentary-style wedding photographer – be sure you find a person who shares your vision. Irrespective of your look, you need to select a photographer which will document the whole story
  3. Should i talk with the photographer before booking them as my wedding photographer? It really is strongly a smart idea to talk with the photographer prior to signing the agreement. The wedding ceremony photographer is by using you all the way on your wedding event so it is crucial to ensure that you prefer your photographer’s personality. A great photographer not just takes great pictures; but has handled a variety of wedding ceremony situations. They could be a calming force on the very hectic day Destination weddings are definitely popular, many wedding couples flock towards the Scottsdale area for your gorgeous scenery and amazing weather. A lot of their planning centers around there computer, making it sometimes impossible to satisfy the photographer up until the wedding ceremony. In the event you can’t meet personally, be sure you possess a few detailed telephone calls – ensure you will find no personality clashes!
  4. What ought to be discussed at this particular meeting? By taking a look at a photographer’s website, there is a very good sense of who they really are and what our vision occurs when photographing a wedding event. Meeting personally enables you to touch the job on your own, view the caliber of the finished product. By meeting personally, you will see complete weddings, including proof books and real wedding albums. By viewing these products, you will notice the consistency from the photographer telling their client’s wedding stories through photographs, from wedding to wedding. By viewing these samples, you will notice whether the photographer delivers consistent pictures during the day, the whole day! It is crucial to ensure that a wedding event photographer is not only demonstrating his greatest hits collection on their site – you would like to see several complete wedding stories – from start to finish! Ensure the sample coverage a wedding event photographer will show you is exactly what you envision for the wedding coverage.
  5. What ought to be discussed when interviewing my wedding photographer? budget, package overviews: what exactly is contained in the different packages, album prices, album choices, upgrades, accessories, a la carte options. You will have to know an over-all timeline and supply details for your photographer to offer by far the most accurate quote for the photography needs.