Time Saving Catering Equipment for Wedding and Event Caterers

The wedding and event industry is a very demanding one. Time is such a huge factor because everything takes place on one day. For caterers, this means that the food needs to be prepared for hundreds of people and served on the same day. Time is of the essence. Therefore, a caterer requires all of the best time saving catering equipment at their disposal.

  • Robot Coupe Food Processor

A Food Processor can be a caterer’s best friend; especially the Robot Coupe Combo Food Processor. This unit slices vegetables as well as grates and juliennes them. It is a great time saver because you don’t have to slice and grate the vegetables yourself. The Food Processor does it for you quickly, efficiently, and consistently.


  • Anvil Potato Peeler

This is not the little hand sized potato peeler that you’re thinking of. This is the big 12-kilogram Anvil Potato Peeler. This catering equipment will make your life so much easier. No more peeling potatoes by hand. Just throw the potatoes into this machine, switch it on and let it peel hundreds of potatoes for you. It will peel 12 kilograms of potatoes within 2 minutes. You will save so much time that you can use on other catering tasks.


  • Hamilton Beach Food Blender

If your menu includes soups and sauces, then the Hamilton Beach Food Blender will be perfect for you. It lets you puree soups, emulsify dressings, grind flour, and chop salsa. This machine has a patented design that keeps the ingredients circulating through the blades until the contents are completely emulsified.


  • Cake Mixer

As a caterer you most likely have desserts such as cakes on your menu. A 20 Litre Cake Mixer is ideal for making large batches of cake batter for cake, cupcakes, or muffins. It takes the hard work of mixing the batter out of your hands. You can then concentrate on the next step of the baking process, thus saving you time.


  • DIHR Dishwasher

After the meal service is catered for, the dishes need to be cleaned. A DIHR Dishwasher comes in very handy because you don’t have to stand around doing the dishes after a long day of food preparation and serving.

Time saving catering equipment is essential for a wedding and event caterer because you have very little time within to deliver your meals. Take the time to prepare and invest in the correct catering equipment so that your catering business can grow and prosper. It will be worth it.

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