3 Reasons Why You Feel Unmotivated to Practice Guitar

You lose motivation to practice guitar for one of several reasons. Understanding these reasons and changing your approach to practising helps you enjoy the process more and get better results.

Here are three huge reasons why you lose motivation to practice and how to get it back in order to make faster progress:


Reason #1. You Waste Time Without Realizing It

This makes it seem like you need to increase your practice time to make faster progress (which isn’t always possible). In reality, getting better results from guitar practice is about quality NOT quantity. You just need to make your practice time more efficient. The best way to do this is to work together with a guitar teacher who has helped many others reach their musical goals.


Reason #2. You Are Missing Some Part(s) Of The Practicing Process

Most commonly: You’re not tracking the progress you make with practice, so you don’t know what is or what isn’t getting results for you.

You may go weeks, months or years without making much progress simply because you didn’t track the effectiveness of your practice. Tracking progress helps you see the very specific ways that your practice items are helping you improve your playing. For example, how many notes you are missing, how long it takes you to switch chords, etc.

Your guitar practice becomes more effective when track your progress weekly to refine methods that aren’t working. You also become more motivated when you see exactly how you are much getting better over time.


Reason #3. Having Too Much To Practice (Which Causes Overwhelm)

Practicing guitar becomes overwhelming when you give yourself way too many materials to practice. This common mistake happens when guitarists do not have clearly-defined musical goals, do not know what to practice or lack a clear strategy to help them reach their goals as efficiently as possible (or any of these things). For example, many guitar players pile on materials such as exercises, songs, riffs, scales, arpeggios and so on. With no clear reason for practising them, they quickly become frustrated and see the practice as being pointless because it never gets them anywhere.

Take lessons together with a guitar teacher to develop an effective practice schedule. This ensures that you are always on track with your goals without overwhelming you with a ton of unnecessary material. Achieving your goals quickly and effectively helps you feel enthusiastic about your progress.